Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A day with the seniors .

Today was a day to bless the senior at the seniors home .. starting with new socks and slippers for everyone ,

Vitamins and medical supplies

A large food drop to take them into the winter , as well we let them know that we will be delivering their coal in a few weeks
Roast chicken , Lugman , stir fry fresh veggies served with cake and juice

a moment to contemplate the honor of being here today 

kicking back with the Babushka's for the afternoon

a blessed time together

hand massage and nails painted

what a time of sharing ,   at least three lives changed for eternity

the power of love
poor brook landed at 5:15 this morning , and finaly hit the wall .

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful day with the seniors.Praise God for open hearts.Have a great time.