Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Happy birthday Victor

Today was a special day for our young friend Victor.  It is his birthday today.  Victor lives with his Grandmother out in a little village and his aunt lives in the same village.  It takes about an hour to walk in to town.  Victor has a sponsor in Canada that sends a little food and supply money to them every month.  When his sponsor found out how far he lived out of town, he started asking us if we could buy him a bike .  So today we were able to make that happen.. Victor said that he had been dreaming of this day.. 

Victor with his Aunt and his grandmother 

This is the bike he chose ... but sorry Cecil he did not think a basket would fit well with such a cool bike .. 

one very happy boy 

taking it for a spin around the Bazaar 

After that we had a meeting with some of our friends to discuss the schedules for the next three teams. .  It will be a very busy time, and everyone will have a part to play .

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