Friday, September 06, 2013

on our way .. and the needs continue to grow.

  We are just 15 minutes from departure for the long trip to Kyrgyzstan .  We will be meeting up with David and Jayne on JFK for a quick visit , then on to Istanbul for a long layover , then on home to Tokmok.
   Just about to shut down the computer , and I received this  distress note from Jengish .   He has been trying to help a children's rehab orphanage in Bishkek and the needs are great .  There are 17 kids there , and the building is in rough shape.  There roof is leaking very badly, and has been for some time .  They are asking for help with this .  It will be $900 .  There is so much more that will need to be done , but Jengish would like to start by keeping the elements out . 

So as we depart, I will leave that need in all your capable and willing hands ...

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