Saturday, September 21, 2013

20 at risk youth have the time of their lives

Today the team brought 20 at risk youth , including the kids from Jeremiah house to the indoor water park .. this is such a special occasion.   this facility is something that only the privileged few would ever have a chance to go to . 

we had 3 hours of fun

Go team has made incredible conections with these kids .. they bring such love with them every where that they go .

we brought all the kids out for supper at one of the best restaurants in the city .  There we were joined by two of the guys from the carving shop where they provide meals for the homeless   

After supper, we brought the kids to see Despicable Me in 3D  .. what a great day they all had.  Victor and Cola had an over night at our apartment because they were coming with us to the mountains thew next day .  After the movie the team went back to there apartment to prepare crafts and games  for the long day ahead of them in the mountains  . 

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