Saturday, September 28, 2013

found the fish

The next team coming has a special treat that they have been planing for a couple months .  They want to bring the kids from one of the larger orphanages here on a fishing trip.  But they wanted to be sure that all 120 kids will catch a fish .   they will then have a shore lunch and a craft, then go for a swim in the hot springs .  The plan was to take the kids 25 at a time.  

Well the curve came last week when the pond we had ready for them decided to close for the season and would not extend hours for us . so today we set out for the second time to find a stocked pond .. and boy did we hit the mother load 
  It will be hard not to catch a fish here ... especially when the team arrives with all the gear
Now of course it was necessary for us to catch a few today just so we could make sure that they will be biting , and so we could get an average price worked out for the fish   Bekah got right into that , and caught hers right away
then lost it
Not to worry, once she put some bait on her hook, she landed on in a couple minutes
Lots of excitement

in about 10 minutes with 2 rods, we had 7 nice  pan sized  rainbow trout
found a nice picnic spot as well

  a few fish and a few pork chops made for a wonderful lunch
Emma loved the flowers and the butterflies
after fishing, this is where we will bring the kids swimming .. it is a pool fed by the hot springs

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