Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Following the plight of the orphan .

Today the team traveled through the orphanage system here .  First stop was to the baby hospital to see were children first enter the system ... while there we dropped off vitamins , medication and baby hats .  As well we met with the director of all the hospitals in the region .  We were discussing the start date for the  addition  of a waiting room , we are hoping to get it done before winter .

 The next stop was over to the Baby orphanage .  this is were the baby's move to when they are about 3 months old .  here we were given a tour of the new kitchen that we are helping to renovate .  we still have about $1000 to go to complete this project .  

sorry we can not show any photos of the kids today , the director is out of the country right now , so we have to be respectful . 

but I got to watch the team playing and interacting with the kids and giving out Banana's .. here we brought baby soap, laundry soap and dish soap. 
 Then we picked up the kids from Bacute orphanage . this is where some of the kids go after they come out of the baby orphanage .     These kids we brought to the hot springs .. boy did they have fun

 then at the end of the day we brought the kids back to our place . the team had some crafts for them, then we had a spaghetti supper .. we served supper for 42 tonight .

 this was so nice to be able to have them over .. how often would orphans get invited to someones house for supper .  what a gerat day today ...following the plight of the orphan .

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