Monday, September 09, 2013

scholarships and more

Early this morning, Anya was at the school paying tuition.  As I sit and look at all these receipts , there is something that comes to  me .. for each of these pieces of paper, there is an a story of in many cases profound loss and hardship , but through Grace and Victory, these kids all have a brighter future.

We have been plugging away at this for some time , and have been so blessed by the response of so many of you.  We have about 10 more of the university students left, and we will have seen all our at risk in a place where they can have a shot at a brighter future .  We have been able to put down some deposits to get them started , and we will continue to plug away as funds come in. 

Tonight we had a few guests stop by unexpectedly , then a few more and a few more .. I just kept tossing more potatoes in the pot.. It sure was nice to see everyone. and we have made some plans for the weeks to come..

Tomorrow morning before 8 Emma will go pay the last of the kindergarten fees for the kids from the orphanage, then a meting with LAMb folks at 9, we start cleaning out the bedrooms hear and our neighbors ready to put a door through as we expand, and add a dinning room to the mix.  then at 3 is a birthday party for Victor, and at 7 is our team meeting to get things ready for all the guests arriving over the next couple months .  

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