Thursday, September 12, 2013

getting ready for the teams

Ok so yesterday was just a little crazy.  We were up at about 3 am with he jet leg, as well we have forgotten how to tune out the barking dogs.  I think I had a dozen different dreams where I was fighting packs of dogs.

  First stop in our day was down to Bacute orphanage .  they have one little guy there that wanted to go to kindergarten since all the others got to go to school , as well , a couple boys need some extra help, so we will cover an after-school program that will provide the help they need .

this is morning roll call  as they all get the once over before heading off to school .

We then headed to the bazaar to pick up supplies..   Extra plates , silverware , cups and a bigger kettle .. a few of the things needed to host larger teams .   Emma had a bit of shopping of her own .. well actually not her own , but that of all the kids at Jeremiah house .  You can think you are ready , but once school starts , the kids are given lists of things that they will need , you all know what that's like.  So Emma got the list and was able to pick up everything that they needed except the cooking uniform for Vika.  They will go back to the Bazaar today after school to get it with her , and make sure they get the right size.

When we got back to the apartment , we had the boys from Jeremiah house over to help us move furniture .

Aziz and Umerbek moving beds .....two bunk beds , and a single bed and a couple cupboards, it was like playing tetres , but they managed to get it done . 

old living room, new dinning room , and room for the massage therapists to work  

Bekah showing off the new living room 

We loved this carpet we got for the hall.. turns out it clashes with everything .
 It was a long day , but so much accomplished.  All day as we worked, My mind was on an email I had received in the morning ..  the letter was signed off with this "Your sister and co-worker in Christ"   I was honored and humbled.  We feel this way any time a sponsor comes forward to meet a need , or to encourage one those we love here ... For me , it just seemed special "co-worker"  not just sponsors , but "co-workers"  people coming along side ," working"  to make it possible for us to do all that we do  ....   If you are not already a "co-worker" , I encourage you to join us ..

1 Corinthians 3:9

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