Monday, September 23, 2013

the "amazin G race "

The Amazing grace .. thats what we are calling this adventure.  The team went shopping today for 27 care packages for  students and families in need .  the packages consisted of  
2 kg of potatoes 
1 kg of carrots 
1 kg rice 
1 kg pasta
2 kg sugar 
1 kg apples 
2 banana's 
1 box of tea 
1 can of chocolate condensed milk 
1 lt oil 
one cabbage 
one onion 
and a can of fish 

 it took about 15 minutes on the side of the road to make all the packages up, then the team was divided into three groups of three with nine bags each .     they were given a driver a translator and a list of names to find .  they were also given a call a friend list to get directions from .  They had to spend a minimum of 5 minutes with each person on the list, and if invited for tea, they had to go in ...

along the way, one team had 1/2 an hour to wait for someone to get home, so used that time to bring ice cream to the kids at the park

 ROAD BLOCK .... one of the teams hit a road block.  They were given a envelope with instructions to stop, and go out to Red river Orphanage to deliver a special donation and and a birthday present to one of our young friends .  

lots of incredible moments for the team , and lots of tears shed. and hearts touched ... 

Now for a funny side bar ... The team had two bags that did not arrive, and we have had an on going fight with Aeroflot to get the bags and compensation for not having them , after repeated trips to their office, Jengish was finally able to pick the bags up at the airport last night .  Thats when they told him .. " You need to Pay us "  when Jengish asked what possible reason they would have for charging for the bags , they answered  " Storage fees" ... Hahaha so they finally pushed Jengish over the edge .  time for a snickers ... bags are finally home with the team where they belong... and no storage fee paid .

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