Wednesday, October 02, 2013

First day of team iam1ru

Gathering the team together as they clear customs  at 3:00 am
after a short nap they gathered back at our apartment for breakfast then off for the day 

first stop was to Orlofka to celebrate seniors day .
there were about 50 of us in all .. great time with the seniors , and an incredible meal
No ducks today .. today it was hedge hogs and toad stools

and these little fellows

we even had entertainment

I always thought this was an interesting view on the way to Kemin seniors home

I wonder if this has anything to do with the scorch marks on the wall behind

after visiting the seniors, the team went back to unpack and sort bags while supper was being made .  .. trying to keep them up for just a few more hours .. but by the time super was over there were some very  long blinks .   
Stay tuned .. a very exciting day planed for tomorrow

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