Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Two weeks left and so much to do.

 We are getting ready to get 20 dairy goats for the farm.  actually 10 full grown mother goats with kids.   Jengish hunted around and found a farm with lots of really good healthy goats and they have agreed to sell to us.   We have a sponsor that is sending money through for this, so as soon as it makes it here we will go and get them, then we will be into cheese production right away .  

 We are also waiting on a donation for cows to clear the bank. we will have 10 beef cows and 2  dairy cows with calves . one Dairy cow will live out at the farm for milk and all the rest will spend the summer at the cow barn in the mountains and return to the farm in the winter for fattening. 

We also have some money to finish the renovations and start the furnishing of the rooms coming in soon.  We have a couple weeks left before we head back to Canada, and want to get as much as we can set up before we go.  We have a supplier that will make the beds, and Aigoola will make all the mattresses and blankets and sheets for the beds. 

Tomorrow we go to the school to see the kids who will be finishing in a few weeks and are timing out of the orphanage system.  Most have minor disabilities , and all have no family or home to go to when they finish school.. this is it , they are on there own.  Just imagine how nervous and afraid they are, and how relieved they will be to know that they can come to live on the farm with us.  

They can come and work and live on the farm, or we can help them to find employment and a life off the farm , but either way they will have help moving on to the next stage of their lives. 

Speaking of help moving forward ,  Our friend Aselbek is heading up the farm side of things as well as will be the director of the boys side of the farm.  He would like to get a car and has saved a bit to get a small very cheep car. This will be great , it will give him a little more independence and at the same time will be great to have another driver for around the farm, especially when we are back in Canada.  His big need right now is to learn to drive and get a licence.  the cost of that is about $250 .  I know that if I dont push this a bit then he will likely start driving with out one, so I would like to some how cover this for him.  It will be important for him to have a licence for the fall when we get a tractor as well.  

Aselbek out with us to check on the crops 

with a fresh batch of bread that he made 

three years ago after coming out of treatment at the addiction center , he was doing great and had a job and a place to stay , then was hit by a car .  Jengishes number was found on him , and we were contacted to see if we could help . He had a fractured skull and a broken collar bone .  By the time Jengish got to the city, many of you had stepped up to cover his surgeries.  He has come such a long way, and now is an important part of our team .and his  progress continues 

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