Thursday, May 07, 2015

Always something

Today we planted the peppers and onions out on the second farm .  We have run into a snag .  There is a ban on watering the gardens now, and the irrigation ditches will not have water in them for about three weeks .  Fortunately we are in a rainy season now so they will not need water every day, but the days are hot and with out daily water we will loose all the new plants we just put into the ground. 
We need to act fast .  Tomorrow afternoon we will set up some rain barrels to collect rain water , as well we will need a holding tank  and a pump, then we can collect on the rainy days and water on the dry days .  We will also have the holding tanks so we can buy water in if needed .   I think the total cost will be about $300.  Its so frustrating, everyone has worked so hard and now this.  Not sure where the $300 will come from  but water is something we just can't do with out .  If you want to help save our crop, please use one of the donate buttons on the side .. We will go to bed tonight, tired and worn out, but believing that our JOY will come in the morning.   

everyone out working the fields 

On to the onions now 
Of course there was lots more to the day.  We stared our first meeting at 10, a young boy who was deaf. We are working to get a grant for hearing aids for him .  We are so blessed to have friends like Operations Can be Done,  and Loads of Love that are working on this .. great things in store for this young boy .
 The next stop did not have so much hope.  In fact it was like traveling into a Black Hole of hopelessness.  This man we have helped for several years.  He and his wife were from a disabled orphanage.  His wife died during child birth , leaving him to raise his son on his own.  The son has some issues of his own.  Now the father is having seizures and can't work, and the son needs to go for treatment for 3 months , but is now to old for the Children s center and is freaking out at the thoughts of going to Bishkek .  We brought them food today, but not sure if there is anything else that we can do .  Just heartbreaking . We will have to think and pray on this one ..   

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