Sunday, May 17, 2015

The farm is growing again

Here is another picture from Emma's birthday.   We got her a tortes .
Ever sine she was a little girl she has loved them.

Emma at 4

Yesterday we had some special guests.  They are from Norway and send containers of clothes and humanitarian aid here ever year .. a real blessing .  Today they came for lunch then went out to the farm with us.

the strawberries are doing great , they were planted small and were not expected to give fruit this year, but I guess God had other plans.

Renovations are also coming along great .. these walls in the back two rooms have had new foundations, rebar reinforces walls, poured concrete, then a Cement parging,   now a coat of plaster.  As soon as it dries we can paint then put up the ceiling and put down the floors  
new window

final room almost finished

Out visiting the goats we got some great news .  Our friends ave decided to by us 10 more goats with babies . this will really kick off the cheese production.

Artur loved the baby geese 
 we then headed to the mountain to do a little fishing and have supper with the team .  Its great , its only about 15 minutes and a beautiful drive.

They cook the fish right there as well .  We left the fish and went another 10 minutes to the hot springs, then called when we wre done swiming and by the time we got back the supper was ready 

I don't know if you saw the last post, if not, please read on , we still need some beds and furnishings for the farm for when the kids start arriving. We are expecting around 15 to be moving onto the farm to call it home.  we will need $200 a person to get them settled with everything they need . praying that the resources follow .

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