Tuesday, May 05, 2015

followed by the resources.

The decision has been made.  We will not limit our assignment to care for kids timed out of the orphanage based on our current resources.  We have watched with total amazement how God has provided and prospered the farm in such a short time, We know with out a doubt that things are moving into place just the way He wants them.  We know of at least a dozen kids who will be totally on their own for the first time in their lives.. finished with the orphanage and government support, and no family .. We were going to put a limit of 4 or 5 based on our current  resources, but how can we walk away leaving half of them behind.  We have all recognized that we have an assignment and the resources will just have to follow ..  I have to tell you, it is not possible to walk onto the farm with out recognizing the greater purpose.  I know that all those who recognize this and join with us in this adventure will be blessed that they had a part in it . 

Today we broke new ground on the second farm .  It is beautiful soil and a fabulous property . 

this is the house and the barn.  the hills are being mounded and the irrigation trenches are being dug, tomorrow we will plant.
this morning the guys dug a new irrigation ditch behind the farm .. under the plastic there are cucumbers planted through little holes .. it works like a green house keeping the roots moist  
watering time in the rabbit barn ( 4 new batches of babies and at least 2 more on the way ) 
now that the gates are up, the fowl are allowed out of the pen  during the day .  every were we go they follow .. our audience. These ones were waiting for Julie to come back down stairs  

If you look in the back ground you can see the new barn on the food shares farm.

Right now the workers in this field are volunteers, but in a few weeks when school is finished , they will be staffed by former orphans. Just think , they will receive skills training Not just basic life skills, but also farming plants, goats, cows, chickens ducks and  geese, rabbits and even bees.  , they will be encouraging to continue education  in school or a trade, All the while, they will be producing food for others in need.

To care for a worker, including their salary will be about $100 per month , and the cost to finish the renovations and the extra furnishings for more kids , including beds and sheets and blankets will be about $2000  

We know that there will be many more expenses that come up, likely kids will arrive with only the clothes on their backs and no documents, but we will face those needs as they arise .

Another example of provision,  we had intended and planed on getting maybe a couple calves OR a mother cow with a calf.  In a couple weeks we will be moving 10 bull calves and two mother cows with calves to the mountain "Jailoo" .. Then when we get the first cut of hay, one of the mother cows will come to the home farm for milking , and the other mother cow will remain at the jailoo to provide milk for the family caring for them as well as any smaller goats that move to the jailoo .  It was almost 2 years ago that Vlady began building the mountain barn  now in a couple weeks it will have cows.

Cows on the road on the way home today

The poppies were beautiful.  It was nice to watch this family out playing in them.

As we were driving we were discussing all the progress, and at the same time the awesome responsibility and burden we feel.   Julie pointed out that there are more then 15 kids , that is just one of the many orphanages we work with .. there are so many others that need our help.  No sooner had she said that  when we passed this group of kids and a teacher from one of the orphanages that we know .  They were having a picnic and got caught in the afternoon rain .  so we piled them in and brought them home .    Hugs hand shakes and smiles from them .. I wonder how many of them will end up on the farm when they grow up and out of care.  

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