Sunday, May 31, 2015

Today was a little more productive .

This was a really big day on so many accounts ,  Two years ago we started a micro loan to build a cow barn in the mountains.  The deal was that the loan would be paid by taking cows for us.  Today we went to the bazaar to begin the search .. so many cows and prices all over the map, but once we started buying , The nice calves showing up, and realizing that we were only buying 10 cows, the sellers became more and more desperate, and the price started to come down 

Jengish and his brother gathering the new cows 

Next was to load them on to the truck .. it took four guys to lift their front legs up, then they pulled and pushed to slide them in on their bellies .

The trip to our mountain farm is only about 15 minutes to the base of the mountain and another 15 minutes to the end of the road. 

Vlady lead the way 

off loading the cows 

they love it in the mountain , all very content and did well on the journey 

the girls with the new boys 

we thenherded them another 15 minutes across the river bed and up to the barn.

the water levels were down a lot so the crossing was easier 

Vlady and Jengish stopped for the photo, Talbek carried on with the cows 

And they made it 

this will be their new home until November when they will make their way to the home farm for a few months of grain to fatten them up.  We are thinking it will be fun in the fall for one of our teams to heard them on horseback  to the farm.

We are so blessed to move forward in this next area .. A special thanks to Jengishes brother for lending your expertise with this , We have 10 of the best looking calves I have seen .. Good job 

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