Thursday, May 14, 2015

So many life changing events in the last two days

Wednesday, what a day, Life changing to say the least.  
But first I want to share quickly about Tuesday.  Our friend Kolya and his new bride where married at the water falls, followed by a reception at the farm . 

We were all in Bishkek for the day. Kamala was with Igor and his mom.  Last week our friends at Taiwan Children s Fund referred a family to us .  Young Igor was adopted by a wonderful family.  They are a good stable family, but were overwhelmed by the cost of special hearing aids that would make it possible for their son to hear.  We contacted Ed Dickson  from Loads of Love, and forwarded the application for support to Operations Can be done .. One week later Igor received one of the greatest miracles of his life.

Our Kamala was able to capture that moment on video .  watch this and just think about how this will effect Igor for the rest of his life.. hard not to cry, we are so blessed to be able to be a part of this. 

While Kamala was at the Dr's we were busy at banks and Lawyers and the land registry office. 

A friend of ours has purchased an apartment in Bishkek right close to Bekah's University.  The University had moved to the other side of Bishkek from us so commuting next semester will not be an option for Bekah.  She will live and care for the apartment with one or two other student we are helping in the city.  The second larger room will be available for Guests.  

For any of you traveling to Kyrgyzstan, this will be a great way to support the work that we do here in Kyrgyzstan, and at the same time have a beautiful, safe affordable place to stay in a great location.  So pass the word if you know any one looking for accommodations 

living room / dinning room with a pull out couch for extra sleeping , in-floor heating and air-conditioning 

Of course things are never as easy as they could be .  The deal was to close at 3:00 pm at the land registry office.   The documents arrived notarized, certified  and apostatized  with our friend Ann , and were all translated and certified here as well.   The funds were sent two weeks ago and should have arrived here with in a few days .  For close to two weeks we checked a few times a day and the bank said no the funds were not here. Finally with the help of a contact in the banking community we found out Monday night  that the bank had indeed received the funds a week earlier, but were holding them because they did not know what we wanted them for, but were not telling us they had the funds or asking us for what it was for.  At 9:00 am when the bank was open, Jengish and our banking friend began trying to pry the money from the banks clutches.  As negotiations broke down and treats ensued, and finally with our lawyer called in they agreed to release the funds, but would now have to locate that amount of money to disperse.  At 3:00 we went into the land registry office with the seller and our Lawyer  to begin the  transfer.. Jengish still across town at the bank.  At 3:15  the Lawyer came out and said OK we are ready to verify the funds and make payment .. at that exact moment Jengish pulled into the parking lot with the cash .. I just smiled and said .. OK there is Jengish he will go with you to do the exchange .  ( the exchange is done at a bank where they count the money as an independent third party and witness the transfer )   Ten minutes later the deal was done and the final documents were signed.  Talk about stressful.

Once again we are so blessed that everything worked out in the end, and we are encouraged to know that this apartment will be such a great resource, not just for Bekah, or for the work we do here, but for many of you traveling here in the future. 

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