Thursday, May 28, 2015

4 days to go then its wheels up

Another busy day today pulling together all the last minute details at the farm.  We picked up Aigula and Sabira early today and went to the bazaar to stock up the pantry .  Yesterday we made the weekly menu plan , so we had a good idea what we will need.  Today we bought things like Potatoes and Carrots to do us until our produce is big enough to eat; also flour, rice, oats, dried split peas, greashka and Kasha, macaroni, spaghetti and bishbalmak noodles, tomato paste, soup base, both beef and chicken, yeast baking soda and vinegar, cookies and candies. We also bought tea and whitener.  We got a start on the other supplies like toilet paper, napkins, cleaning supplies and shampoo.  

After some hard shopping we headed out to the farm, and Aigula headed to the city to get all the material she needs to make sheets and blankets and blanket covers, We need 20 sets for the beds, and a couple extra so we can change a couple beds every day , and have time to wash and dry the dirty ones if it's a wet day. 

Everything is in the pantry and ready now . 

Just as we finished bringing every thing in, we got a call that the beds were arriving.  There were 5 guys there to bring everything in and put them together.  They were all cut in the shop, but assembled in place in the rooms. 

While we were helping them get rolling, Asylbek was busy opening up the irrigation canals to water the farm.  This was the first time for us to irrigate, so it took a bit of doing to figure out what will be the best way. Also we were watching where to put the sump pump so that when the water is running we can fill up our holding basins .. as a side note, when we were telling the kids about watering the plants and that we were setting up a couple swimming pools to store the water , you should have seen some of them jump with excitement ...  

so its not hard to figure out where the sump hole and pump will go ... 

in the barn, everything is going well... another batch of baby rabbits made there debut today, I think I counted about eight of them. 

While the guys put the beds together, Jengish and I made the tables for the dinning hall.  A small 3 foot table and 6 stools is about $250 that would have been about $1000, so we found some rough cut lumber on sale, and were able to get all the wood we needed to build two 10 foot tables and 4 benches for just $80.  They are good and solid, and will be great as work tables a well as dinning tables .  Then down the road if we are looking for a job for one of the kids we can have them sand them and varnish them. 

This is going to make a great dinning and work space for the workers.  The tables will fit 5 on each side and 2 on the ends . so that will give space for 28 and we will likely have about 20 including support staff, so we are in good shape.. If you are ever in Kyrgyzstan, there is room for you at the table .. 

Actually, there is more then just room at the table.  The workers will be learning about hospitality as well. The layout of the Podgornia house lends itself perfectly to have a guest room as well .  We will work on decorations over time. Maybe some of  Emma's paintings and Jengishes photos will look good in the guest bedroom and the living room.

Guest room with the new bed set up 

Podgorna living room ,, with a flip down sofa for extra beds 

this is Aigula's room, and other staff,  with extra space for when her girls come to visit.
The girls room has two bunk beds in it's  and it's nice and bright , and still has room for a dresser or desk one day, but for now all the beds have drawers under them . 

Over on the boys side , the living room has a flip down couch and a pine bed for Kolya that will get a nice cover and pillows that can be used as another  couch during the day .  

that's not smoke in the picture, its the bright sun shining in to the room 
 The boys bunk room is off of the living room , It turned out great as well .. here is what we started with 

and to see these two rooms now is amazing 

there are 4 sets of bunk beds , sleeps 8

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