Sunday, May 24, 2015

10 days to go.

Lots on the go out at the farm today.  We went out around lunch time.  We brought some pots and pans and extra plates from our apartment to the farm.  We will be away for the summer and don't have any large teams while we are away, so we can bring stuff to use at the farm until we get back. 

Jengish and Emma had gone strait to the farm with three kids to do some weeding.  All three we had known from the Tokmok orphanage when they were younger and in the system.  Now they are growing up. It was nice to have them together again.  When we got there the goats were out to trim the new lawn .  

the lawn was nice, but the flowers on the other side of the fence always look better 

Caught in the act in the raspberry patch 

Young Kolya was happy to be able to learn some construction.  He was working on the ceiling on the boys room and the boys living room 

Julie and I went over to Podgorna, the girls home.  We had some more cleaning up to do.  In the Kitchen there was a piece of paper on the wall covering up a mess, and there were some water leaks that needed to be fixed  

here is the wall before it was cleaned scraped and treated for the water damage .

The first coat of paint Bekah put on made a huge difference , but after the second coat from Emma later in the day it looks terrific .

We found an old cupboard in the pantry that was rough, but fit nicely beside the stove to make a counter .  After scrubbing and disinfecting it, Bekah gave it a coat of paint as well .. Its going to be perfect for the spot.

Then it was on to the girls bed room.  It had one wall wall papered, but we found the rest of the paper out in the garage.  It looked like it had been there for a long time and some rolls were damaged, but we were able to trim it up and get enough to finish the room .    It looks so nice and warm.  Tomorrow the carpets will be back from the car wash where they are cleaning them, and we will be all set for the beds.   We still need to make the sheets and the blankets for them we need about $400 for the material , and Aigoola will make them if we have time left when a donation comes in.  

 Julie got the pantry all cleaned out and got all the stuff from our apartment set there and organized .  We made a nice meal for everyone today , I found some small fresh baby potatoes, and a corned beef roast for a good price at the bazaar while we were there so it was nice to have a sit down meal with all the farm hands and renovators.

Lots more weeding was done today, headed up by Jengish and Asylbek.  The cucumbers are now big enough to poke their heads through the plastic, and get a cup of cow poop each .  

 While at the bazaar we were able to get 250 tomato plants, and 100 peppers, and 50 beets that were started .  Asylbek went around and replaced all the plants that did not take root the first time around. and the beets replacing a small weeding mishap..hahaha don't ask, but alls good now.

We had another batch of baby bunnies today.  Mother and babies doing well. Yesterdays babies were off to a rough start, and we had to move mother and babies to a closed cage that forced her to stay right with them,  Jengish even had to pull her fur for the babies himself., she just had no idea what to do, but by today she and her babies are also doing great. All 10 babies are healthy and strong.

We have a week and a half before we head back to the US and then to Canada, and a couple days later the kids finish school and arrive.  So the pressure is really on now, and unfortunately at this point we are still shy the funds needed .  In case you would like to help, here is an idea of what we are in need of. 

$500 for all the beds, 
$400 for all the blankets, sheets pillows 
$250 for personal hygiene and toiletries and work clothes. 
$200 for dishes, cups, pots and pans., and a couple hot plates., 
$150 to make two large tables with benches .
$150 for couches and chairs for the boys farm. 
$400 to stock the cupboards and pantry

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