Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers day in Tokmok

We started early today with a nice breakfast with Ann, then off to the animal bazaar.  We had a few things on the go .  We were selling the geese now and going to exchange them for some baby ducks . The geese have not being playing nice and last night they killed one of the chickens , so they were voted "Off the Farm "  The other thing we were doing at the bazaar was finding a farmer from a large farm who has lots of cows at the price point we want.  We want to buy our herd directly from the farm rather then the Bazaar so that we can take our time choosing as well as seeing them when they have not just had the turmoil of a trip to the bazaar.  We found some really nice calves from a local farm , and have established a price so as soon as the money arrives later this week we will go and pick them out .  10 bull calves and two mother cows with calves.  
they looked so good at the bazaar, I almost wanted to buy them back myself .. but then I am the only one that liked them, or at least I am the only one they liked 

this is Ann and Kolya, with Jengish and I in the back ground in front of the truck with the cows from the farm we chose today to get our cows from 

It was great to have Victor here with us for the whole day.  Ann has known Victor since 2008 , and keeps in touch with him 

While at the small animal Bazaar , We came across Clava again.  Starbuck Joey and Phoebe have brothers and sisters, and Clava was there to sell them.  So I did not have much choice , we bought them all again and sent Clava home.  We have given her our number, and now she will just call us direct when she has babies to sell, and we will bye direct to save her the trip to the Bazaar . 

Its not all charity,  Slava's rabbits are all very friendly and hand raised.  They are also healthy and strong.  We don't really want them for breeding stock, but they are great to have around the farm for when we have company.  They are great to let people old and play with and not get scratched, and not bother or upset our breeding rabbits .  As soon as we got back to the apartment, Ann had some fun with the rabbit she was holding  

after all this bunny is a little easier to manage then this one 

So Jengish and Emma are not the only ones who think that they are on Green Acres .. Bekah was into the role today as she was getting better reception up the water tower 

Then it was off to Aigula's to have a special Mothers day Supper 

and this was before the main course arrived 

Great mothers and great friends celebrate together 

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