Saturday, May 16, 2015

What can we DO ?

 It was a year ago this week that we went around the Bazaar looking for gift idea's for Emma and Jengishes wedding, things to set a house up for TWO.. Today we are imagining setting up a house not for two newly weds, but for about a dozen kids timing out of the orphanage and starting a new life.  They will not be doing it alone, we will  be their family.  
  We have the houses, the jobs, We even have the sponsorship in place to feed and care for them. The leadership and support staff are in place, just a few more  .. totally amazed how everything is coming together .  The renovations will be done next week , and apart from furniture we are ready for the kids when they finish school in a couple weeks .    Things we are working on this week will be to find sponsorship and purchase stuff like beds, sheets and blankets, plates and glasses and utensils.  Maybe some pots and pans . We also will have to get a good supply of cleaning products  and hygiene supplies.   






We are so close to pulling this all together I can hardly believe it ..  If you would like to help us with the final push setting up a home for these kids, now would be a great time to donate.   We need about $3000 to be up and running and just a couple weeks to get there . that's just $200 per child to give them a future , a home and a great big family ..  They say that 80% of the kids coming out of the orphanages will be in prison, prostitution or dead with in one year.  and 20% that make it is because of supports like this.  We hear about these things , about the child and sex trafficking, about kids being taken into slavery and wonder what we can DO ... Well here is a great opportunity to DO.. 

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