Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy birthday Emma

We were out weeding at the farm today , lots of the seeds are up enough to see the rows.  It is amazing how much things grow every day.  

Cute little baby rabbit would run up to any mother, roll over and slip under for a quick drink.. This one does not seem to care it it is his mom or not ..

the new bit of lawn and the peach trees are coming along as well 

We still have a water issue for irrigation, but fortunately it has rained a little bit every day so God has been taking care of things to give us some time to figure out the holding tanks.  What I figured out today was that a small above ground pool would be the cheapest solution and at the same time will be great for kids.   I can remember working on a farm and in the garden and then running to our neighbors for a quick dip in the pool .   This would be so awesome for the kids .  We could fill the pool from the irrigation canals. and then water from the pool .. that would give us the back up water we need for a couple days .  The cost of one of these pools is 8000 com  or about $140 each..  So if you would like to sponsor one or both of the farms that would be awesome .  if a donation is made in the next couple days , We could have the irrigation system / pool up and running before we head back to in a couple weeks. 

Tonight we went to Aigula's house for supper, then celebrated Emma's Birthday. I love the candles here. 


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