Monday, May 11, 2015

Great news for the Farm

The farm can be a great place for young Girls leaving the orphanage system . The statistics are so grim for kids when they time out, and being a father of two girls, I am extra sensitive about what the future could hold in store.  I guess that is why our apartment has a girls room with 5 beds that are often full.  We want to be able to except young girls as well at the farm  but that does create a lot of extra trials.  Our biggest obstacle was over come by having two farms.  We will have the home farm for the boys ( still need some furniture and a bit of work before we can take kids if some one would like to help with that )  The Podgorna (under the mountain ) farm we will have the girls.  
  The main obstacle  we had now was how to manage a dozen young adults , to train them and teach them , and at the same time keep them safe.  We knew that we needed the right person living at the farm to handle this task.  Today we had supper with Aigoola.  

  Aigoola is an incredible Lady.  She is an open and caring mother, who also understands the special concerns when dealing with orphans.  She is a great cook and home maker , as well as an accomplished farmer , not to mention a master with the sewing machine.    Aigola has agreed to be that steady hand at the farm.  Already we have started to formulate the structure that the kids will need, as well as a training program.  
  Regardless of sex and ability , the kids will learn every aspect of the farm. rotating through the different chores.  We are not hiring basses on abilities, We will not shy away from weaknesses they may have, we are bringing the kids here to help them to find and develop their strengthens   Cooking food prep , working in the garden,  working with the animals, working with the bees,  cleaning and laundry , and shopping and cleaning and delivering produce, both the boys and the girls need to learn these skills   Each child will learn it all.  A few hours work in the morning and a few in the evening, and a couple hours in the afternoon where they may have time that they can spend in the area of their choice where they may excel. We have a lot to do to get things ready , but knowing that Aigulla is not only there , but excited to join the farm sure is an answer to prayer. 

 Aigoola shared tonight,    " Children from an orphanage are used structure, and when they come out of that structure , they often have difficulty, but  give the kids the right boundaries, and keep them busy, and they will thrive."   did I say how pleased we are tonight . 

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