Sunday, May 03, 2015

How do you put a price on memories .

today was a really fun day .  We picked up a bunch of our young friends and brought them out to the farm for the day.  First stop however was to catch some fish for lunch.  The kids had such a great time, and we had fun watching them 

Its something to watch these kids grow up. and extra special for them to have us continue to visit them and do fun things with them .  We first met this beautiful young girl back in 2006 when we were with a tram from Possibilities International that bought her family a house .   A couple years ago her mother was killed while walking to work.   I looked back and found the photo from when we gave them the keys to the house 

The weather was threatening to rain while we were fishing .. A few drops but not enough to be a problem .  We had 30 of us, and in about 1/2 hour we had 30 small rainbow trout in our pail

Then it was back to the farm .  The kids had a chance to play with the animals while Aza and Sergey prepared the fish .  The kids loved all the animals, especially the rabbits.. Today the rabbits where not so hands on ,  We have 4 rabbits that gave birth in the last couple days and more on the way.  it turns out that one of the rabbits we thought was a female is actually a male. so the rabbit pen today was more like a labor and delivery .   But the geese were in fine form . 

 We had some sub sandwiches and apples and pop while we were waiting for the fish to be cleaned and cooked .. 

from the top of the barn where we had lunch you can see the plastic going in for the cucumber beds 

Sergey and Aza cooking the fish 

sooo tasty 

we all gathered at the end and planted three trees in honor of thee boys that have gone to be with their forever families 

the kids took turns planting the trees

Romma wanted to say a few words to his friends about the trees that they planted today 

After leaving the farm, we went into Tokmok to a restaurant and had a very nice meal .  It was a great way to end a special day .. 

the cost of gas for three cars to the mountains for the day $45 , the cost of 30 fish from a fish farm. $35, the cost of 3 trees $6 the cost of apples and subs and drinks $35 , and the cost of a nice restaurant meal $130 ,  But the total cost for  an incredible day of memories PRICELESS .

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