Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bekah B & B

Here is something that we have been working on.  We have a friend that purchased an apartment in Bishkek that Bekah will be living in when in school and will also be managing the property.  Last night the old owners moved out, and we went into Bishkek to spend the night and meet with some friends 

We brought with us from our apartment everything that we needed to set this apartment up to be ready for guests,  then today we Bekah did a little shopping in Bishkek for the final touches.  We will have the apartment available friends and friends of friends, and our blog readers.  The proceeds from our guests will be used to support eh work that we do here.  So if you or some one that you know is in need of a place to stay, give us a call.  The apartment is in a great area of town .  It is tastefully decorated, air conditioned, modern bathroom and washing machine , comes with free wifi, and breakfast.  

Ten oclock this morning we were back in Tokmok for a meeting with everyone about the farm. 
We were  worked on the schedule for the kids , it is a rotating schedule , every week the workers will work in a different area, with a different work mate.  This will give the workers a chance to try every area over the first 5 weeks, then we will make the next schedule based on where the kids excel.

After lunch we made a list of all the different food items that would be god for a person in Kyrgyzstan to know how to make.  We then plunged them into a one week menu.  Breakfast , lunch, supper and evening snack.   the menu will have them making everything from scratch, and culminating with a celebration meal on Saturday nights when we will invite guests to join us for a meal at the farm.   Next we made up a shopping list to stock up the pantry tomorrow .  Then after shopping Aigula will go to bishkek to get the material to make the blankets and sheets.

After the meeting we picked up the material to build the two tables and benches for the dinning area for the kids .  Also tomorrow  the beds will arrive out at the farm.  Friday we will finish setting everything up including the water storage/ swimming pools. Saturday the cows will be brought to the Jylo, and Sunday the goats will arrive, and we will set up the milking stations.   That will leave us just two days left before we head back to Canada via Washington. It still leaves a lot of work and organization, but I am confident we have the best people for the job.

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