Friday, May 22, 2015

think on these !

A few years ago I was visiting the children s treatment center. They brought me to a room were there were about five or six older boys. I was told that these are the kids that are from the different orphanages that were there because they had nervous breakdowns.  They were timing out of the orphanages soon, and their bodies were shutting down from the stress of the unknown.  The stress for these kids in the last year is unbearable, they are so unprepared for life on their own, and with many times no family support network at all.    

Today Jengish picked up the supplies for the ceiling in the living room and the bed room out at the farm, then headed out to put them up.  Emma and I went to the furniture store to see about beds for the kids .  We ordered 6 bunk beds for the kids, and two bunk beds the are double on the bottom and single on the top , they are for the staff bed room and for the guest bed room.  Because we have purchased a lot of beds from them for the hospital, he knows us well, and gave us a very god deal .   normally the beds are $275 plus the mattresses, and for this order they will make them for just $200 a set including the mattress and set up out at the farm.  and for the double bed set just $40 more.  

My back is sort of against the wall here , the kids come in about two weeks, and it will take almost that to make the beds, so I had to order them now.  I gave them $200 deposit, but we are still in need of the other $1500 by next Thursday when they are ready.   We have money from two different sources that can  help with this until we find a sponsor,  one we were expecting last Friday and one today, both have diapered in the banking system some where .  This is becoming a common occurrence here .  A couple weeks ago we found a transfer that the banks held on to for two weeks before finally admitting that they had it .  It is always more noticeable at the end of a trip.. we are busy trying to get things warped up,  and have to do so much juggling while we wait on banks to do their jobs, maybe if we paid them they would do a little better ... OH WAIT we do pay.. we pay to send , and to receive  .. more then they deserve .. It is just so stressful.  but for now I will try to finish my rant and shake it off.   
Here is what I will focuses on ,   whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, these I will think on ... In a couple weeks, 10 to 15 heads will lay down on pillows, on new sheets, in new beds, and they will know that they are not alone. They will know that they too have a future, and a home, and the worry and stress of the last year is over.   

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