Saturday, May 23, 2015

Under the mountain

The Farm is located in this small village at the bass of this mountain . it is were two Valleys meet. One valley leads to the hot springs and the other leads to the waterfalls . we are about 20 minutes to either.  The boys farm is on this road, and the the farm for the girls is on the next road back called Podgornia street, or "Under the Mountain" st.  

the road into town 

A bunch of eager faces out to say hi to me today 
a couple are long haired ,

they are so cute , and loved the attention
 well actually not everyone had a good attitude .. this guy seems to have a a bit of a chip on his shoulder about something. I think its funny how you can see attitude even in the animals  
"don't mess with me !" 
 Emma and I were the Podgorna most of the day today.  We took out the carpets to get them all cleaned, then washed and bleached every surface , ceiling , walls and floors. then all the curtains and the furniture. We have one room that needs a bit of paint, the kitchen needs a leak fixed and repair damage from a few years of a slow leak, and one room was only half wall papered, but we found the paper in a closet to finish it so we will get that done this week as well.  this Tuesday we will have the kids out to the farm, and will have a better idea how many will be moving in with us from this group, and the beds will arrive on Thursday.  We still have a lot to get ready before they move in the next week. We will use things from our apartment for now until we can afford to get what we need for the farm.  

 Back at the boys farm , the ceiling is just about finished. then we will paint the walls and put down some vinyl  flooring ,  As I type this we are taking up our living room carpet to take out to there room as well.  Emma and Jengish will give up a carpet as well. It will be close, but it has to be done By Thursday as well  when their beds arrive. 

If all the furniture is in place by Thursday, that will give us a week to get the kitchen stocked with plates and utensils, and do an opening grocery stock up with food in the pantry. As soon as we can find some money that has gone missing in the banks here, Aigula will make blankets, and we will get towels and toiletries for all the kids as well.  

This room will be for Aigoola and any of her girls that come to stay 
this will be the girls dorm room for up to six girls 

this is the guest room for the bed and breakfast. it will have a double bed
and three singles 


this is the dinning room inside ,
we have a garage and a huge car port
that will become the summer kitchen
and dinning room for everyone  
the living room 
 The grass is starting to take.  soon we will be able to start letting the animals graze on it 

Everything is comming up so well here. It is starting to look like a story book garden 

all the way to the back, everything is doing great 

the strawberries were not suposed to have berries this summer, but we are amazed how they are so thick with berries, It looks like we will have a great crop. 
We are hoping the banks smarten up and release funds early next week, then we will be able to bring a dozen cows to the mountain barn, and 20 more milk goats to the farm.  

I will be great when the kids come as we see a long time vision come into being, but I have to admit we will be glad to see them come .. this has been so much work for all our friends and helpers who have been getting everything up and running and holding everything together until the kids get here . 

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