Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Off to the jailo

I try to choose one or two pictures each day for the blog, but as I am sure you see, sometimes its hard to choose , besides how could I ever use words to describe the day yesterday ..  We took a group of guests to the farm, then we all went up to the jailo ( cow barn) to make the final preparations to bring the cows and pick up the bees.   This will all happen soon.  The hold up has been that the water has been high this year and the river has washed the road out.  So today we will just go and visit and have a picnic with the family there. 
this is a picture of the Baurana tower from across the field 
this is the valley and mountain  cut that we go up 

the road was washed out so we had to walk from here 

Vlady was waiting for us when we arrived 

gathering at the river bank waiting for the horse 

Bekah was first to show everyone how its done .. she rode the river like a pro

when she got off she told me she wanted to be the first before the horse got tired and fed up with the river 
Aigoola was the first to make it over on foot, but on the way back shedid not fare so well ,, she got washed down and lost her shoes.  it is a lot deeper and faster then it looks 

Julie was one of the ones that decided that they would cross on foot , 
finally we all crossed the river and continued on foot 

this is the barn waiting for the cows to arrive. this time next week there will be 14 cows here. 

the bees are ready for their journey as soon as the water level goes down
we had a nice rotisserie lamb waiting for us 
the kids love Jengish
We have one little goose that was born with something wrong .  The vet thinks that it may be vitamin deficiency, I think it may be more like CP. but what ever it is, it has no balance and spends most of its time lying on its back and is very unstable on its feet.  
Bekah has takem over its care .  in fact it now even sleeps with her.  She has been to the vets and got the supplements for it .

Goosy at 2 days old 

hanging out in Julies pocket 

sometimes Bekah even forgets he is with her, but he sure is content.  If she even puts him down now he freaks out .

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