Monday, June 01, 2015

Childrens day celebrations , and last walk through the gardens before we leave.

This morning we met up with Sergey and went to the children s day celebration at the baby orphanage.  We had a group from Ohio that had sent money for the playgrounds there.  We were able to get them several sets of plastic swings and slides, as well as some other play items like a couple kitchen sets and different food items .  Along with that we provided wood and paint to do some repairs to existing fences and buildings.  One in particular was starting to fall over, and needed to have a new foundation poured and then support braces up.  .. Everything is looking great.

There was a great little presentation by the kids.  we especially loved the horse dance.  

After lunch we went out to the farm with Vlady to have him look at some of the electrical and plumbing.  It turns out that although the central heating system heats water for the kitchen and bathroom, it has to be fully engaged heating the house before it will heat that water.   The simplest and cheapest solution would be to put in a small water heater connected into the system that would do both the bathroom and kitchen . this would be about $150 . so for now they will have to boil the kettle for dishes and take cold showers .

I took a final walk through the garden .. everything is coming along so well..   the cabbages are starting to form heads and the Sweet Williams are in full bloom 

The spaghetti squash is up and starting to flower 

These are the garlic plants, the zucchini and the potato plants 


 beans and peas and cucumbers in the distance

this is the swiss chard.. they are slower starting , but will soot up fast now

Beats are another slow starter, but are up now.  The cucumbers are doing great

more corn and cucumbers 

carrots, broccoli, and egg plant , and the small lawn is really filling in well 

I did find a few radishes and some lettuce for supper tonight  

dinning tables are ready 

there is a small dish station in the big kitchen where they can scrap and stack plates 

The podgornia farm is mostly tomatoes, peppers and onions for making salsa and tomato sauce .. Its nice to see that they have taken hold and have started to flower. 


Tomorrow Kolya writes his last exam, then he will be moving out to the farm in the afternoon.  we will drp him off and head to Bishke for the night and early morning trip to the airport.

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Karen D said...

Seeing all that stuff at the baby house warms like heart like you can't believe!
And seeing all that garden makes me motivated to go work on mine!