Thursday, May 23, 2013

we don't wind down when we go .. we wind things up

This morning Julie and I were delivering medications to Dr Tatyana , as well as discussing a project we are working on that I will tell you about in a minute .  First I want to tell you about a really great program that we are going to come behind Dr Tatyana on. 

Many of the out lying villages rely on Nurse practitioners.  They visit the remote villages, and have nothing more then a stethoscope many times .  Dr Tatyana is starting to set up a program the will provide these Dr's and Nurses with a personal hand help EKG machine, and an Oxygen monitor and the training of how to use them .  The cost to purchase, deliver and train will be $225  .. this will be such a blessing to so many to be able to get this kind of equipment into the remote locations . We will ad this to our on going  areas of support for anyone that would like to be a part of this blessing .

So more exciting news .  We were at the regional police station today to meet with a new friend about a project that he is working on .  In a few weeks they will begin the construction of a community centre on the grounds of the police station.  As well as a youth centre, they will have many services , including a homeless shelter.  We have offered Jengishes services , and this was met with enthusiasm  The big news is that they have agreed to include a small clinic in the centre , and Dr Tatyana has agreed to provide clinic hours there one full day and 2 half days a week .. this will go along way to provide services to those who need it most .. a great way to reach out to the hurting ...  

We have discussed several other areas that we can work together , when I mentioned Larisa , it was pointed out that They knew Larisa well, and he was excited to have  an opportunity to come along side her as well .  As projects develop , I will keep you posted .  But it looks like Jengish may have a busy summer ahead of him .

Next stop was to the mountains .  We have agreed to assist with  small micro loan for a family in the mountains .. They are very industrious .. they look after bees with Vlady, as well as the potato fields where we have grown potatoes for the orphanages in the past .  They are wanting to build a small cow shelter.  They asked Vlady to bring us to there home for a meal and to see the location.  So after driving up into the mountains for nearly an hour, we got out of the car to continue the journey .. Julie was impressed ....
so what do you think is going to happen when  that whip finds the back side of the horse

the best honey ever comes from these hives 

I think we found  front end of the antelope that we served our guests last fall 

More bees 

our kids came for the trip 

shashleek on the grill

you don't get much more remote then this, but with a solar panel,  they had many of the comforts of home 

this is the view from the outhouse 

this is the view up the mountain on the other side of the house 
We are home now, it's 10:45 pm, and Bekah and Camala are out helping a young guy from the university who is sick and having some heart troubles.. You could pray that this young man settles, and tomorrow morning we will have hime to see Dr Tatyana as well. 

I must say that life here is never dull .. Tomorrow is a new day with lots of new things on the horizon ... stay tuned 

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gahenard said...

I love reading your updates, & the pictures make it all so much more meaningful!! Thank you for all your family is doing in the place God put in our hearts over 10 years ago! Dave & Gail Henard