Sunday, May 12, 2013


We knew we were in for an adventure when the phone rang this morning and Ishar told Sergei that the village had just voted and they decided that we were going somewhere other then the waterfalls .. oh my .. we drove for an hour to the very end of the road .  and there we were met with incredible hospitality . 

playing the host 

It so great to see everyone having such a great time 

we gave them all a photo album  and let them pick through the hundreds of photos we brought .

we went for a walk.. well most of us walked ... Jeff on the other hand ...

playing with the kids 

everyone sitting down for supper after a great day together 

It was great to meet Silvestor Stalone 

then tonight we went out for supper with friends .. It was a family that we had helped to get their kids out of the orphanage .   tonight he returned the favor and helped me eat what was in front of me 

we had such a great time 

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