Thursday, May 09, 2013

playground under way

we started the playground today ,   As soon as the boards were replaced, they started letting the kids come out 

they were all so happy to be able to be out with us 

and get their pictures taken 

Victoria had them all singing for us in no time 

I stoped and got drinking boxes and banana's   both a big hit 

notice the dress code in effect 

a chemist at work ... mixing the paint 

we could have used this 

we turned the wrong way and the road ended .. we were trying to get to the airport .. we could see the highway about a mile off in the distance

so we cut across the field 

there's the road ... noooo problem 

first gazibo finished 

Jengish enjoying a little butt fat at supper

Bekah hates my new glasses

Jeff struggled, but managed to stay awake till 9:30 


gahenard said...

Is the playground at the orphanage near Tokmok? Thank you!
Dave & Gail Henard

Julie and John Wright said...

This is in Ivonofka .. 1/2 hour on Bishkek side of Tokmok. It is the Chidrens treatement centre that many of the orphnages send there kids to when they are requiring some type of treatement . the playground was not safe so it had not been used , This summer they will be able to be out side a lot more