Wednesday, May 01, 2013


a few of the couple hundred shoes delivered today .. When we went over to the house were the team was sorting the shoes based on the size, it was easy to just see piles of shoes.. but as I sat waiting , it began to sink in .. each individual pair of shoes represented a child .. a child that could be feeling lost and alone .. certainly they know that they are different then other kids .. they don't go home at night .. they are state orphans... each pair of shoes would soon be placed on a child that until this moment may feel alone. 
   We work with a lot of these kids , and we do our best to make them feel loved, but it's just not enough.. these kids need homes.. they need more then the compound they live in , they nee3d more then the few outings we take them on .. they need more then the shoes that our friends bring them today .. but for now we pray that they will forget their situation , and get lost in the moment.  

As we drove into the orphanage the kids saw us and started running along side of the van waiting for us to stop so they could give us a big hug.  This orphanage that seemed so big and over powering in the past, today seemed so small .. so many of the kids we have come to know and care for .. We are thankful for our friends both in the West and right here in Tokmok that have reached out to care for them along with us. 
window to the sole

puppet show

this is the point that you feel the urge to cry

our friends then did a little performance 

during the concert, there was a special guest .. two of our young friends had there father come for a visit.  He is how we came to be visiting these boys in the first place.  He was a student at the Teen challenge centre where Jengish worked , and had asked us to keep an eye on his boys .  they were very excited to be together again . 

every one got a new pair of shoes 

while helping the kids try on shoes, our friend said to me .. "A strong Moment".. I know exactly what he was referring to .. I think he was experiencing one of my favorite scriptures .. Doing what is pleasing to God is a spiritual act of worship....

they all got a new pair of socks as well 

just when I was thinking that things could not get much more exciting,   on the way home we saw that the circus has come to town.. Tomorrow I will have to go see how much to bring 500 orphans to the circus.. Yes Jeff you are going to be busy next week ...

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How very special on so many levels.

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