Friday, May 03, 2013

Good Friday update

Today is Good Friday here in Kyrgyzstan , and people are starting to gear up for the holiday .  Tonight there will be a Good Friday service we will be attending , excited because lots of our kids from the orphanage will be attending .  Sunday we have had a few invitations ,  one is to the village for an Easter celebration with the families there . 

We have been experiencing beautiful weather here the last week .  Our God son and his wife live just down the street from us , so it's a great opportunity for Julie to take there new baby for walks.   Yesterday Acel was able to join them .. extra special since Acel is Aida's  God mother as well .. 

Auntie Emma with Arsin 

   Maksat came by today after his Dr's visit , then we went with him to the bazaar to get him some food to take home with him .  Always a bit of a production .  We get the food in bulk, much cheaper that way .  Years gone by there would always be a lot of bartering and strife with all the vendors struggling for our sale, but time and time again one vendor had the best price.. now we just go right to him and he automatically lowers the price for us when we are buying for others .  The other reason I go to this vendor is that he has a really nice guy working for him.. He is strong , kind , and friendly, he is also deaf and not able to speak .  I am sure that life is not easy for him , but I am so encouraged that we are nt visiting him in an institution some where .. one day I will have to figure out how to get the whole storey .. but for now, we watch for him, and always pay him well.

 I shared a few days ago some of the needs that we had and the things that we wanted to do before we left.  We are very encourages .. the extra money for the doors at the Baby orphanage came in last night .. they will be very excited when they find out about that .  Also the money cam in for the repairs at the  playground at the Ivonofka children's treatment centre .    

With the weather so nice now, We are so happy to being a part of this project .  As I shared before , this stump in the middle of te playground was the place that Sergey was called to serve the orphans.. it is also the place that Sergey met Ed Dickson when they worked together with Mike Marten to build a playground in the first place.      We would like to order the furniture for the gazebo's on Monday .  Bekah is trying to raise funds for this over at the iam1ru site .  if you would like to help, Bekah is looking for a bunch of people willing to make a donations of $15each .. if you are one of those people , you can you can follow this link to make a donation  

Next Friday we have a group of friends here in Tokmok volunteering to come out and spend the day painting and repairing the playground .. it will be a fun day I am sure .  

Today is Davina's birthday , so after the service tonight , we are heading over to here house for a birthday party.  

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