Sunday, May 26, 2013

On the road again

 Once again I went to see what photos we had from today, and found that most of them are from special dreams and projects that we were getting finished up for LAMb and Possibilities International before we go.  There is however a photo or two that we can show you from today.  Emma does a monthly birthday at Bacute orphanage, and today we had two birthdays to celebrate.  

The puzzle was from Emma , the shirt he just happened to have on 

We are now packed up and just about ready to go, final instructions have been given , Acel and family are ready to move in in the morning and take over as house parents for our Kyrgyz girls.  Arrangements have been mad to keep the bills paid, and several projects continue while we are away .. 

  We had a great couple of months ,  We began this trip on a high with an incredible team from Ohio.  They spent a little over a week pouring into the lives of so many of the kids that we support  here as well as our friend that we work with .  It is such a great thing when we are able to connect in such a meaningful way 

Along with dealing with several medical issues , and dental concerns, we had a lot more on the go .. we ended up with almost 50 kids sponsored in one way or another this last year, and every one of them made it to the end of the year .. not something to take lightly when life can be so difficult . 
  A few big physical projects we completed this spring like  new doors and windows at the baby orphanage,  walls repaired at one of the small orphanages in Tokmok, the playground rebuilt at the Ivonofka children's treatment centre, and the playground started in East Iskra .  
  We also had many great days where we were able to make real connections with the people.. many trips to the mountains with groups and individuals , hundreds of Samaritans purse boxes given out in several different outings ,  concerts , summer shoes given out in orphanages, food drops in orphanages and institutions , new mattresses and blankets for the orphanages and the list goes on. 
   One of the highlights for us was to have a retreat in the mountains with our friend Jeff and our Kyrgyzstan team .. Truly a time of encouragement for us all . 
  We have Identified a few projects that we would like to work on when we return in the fall with teams . 
    This summer , Jengish will be working with a local police force as they begin the construction of a new community centre and homeless shelter , we are working on a plan to provide school counseling and help with documents , as well as the possibility of a small medical clinic that our friend Dr Tatyana can work from a few days a week ... so much potential, and we have just the right people for the job . 
   We have plans in place for more work at the baby orphange.  they have many small needs that add up to a huge need for them .. we are hoping to locate sponsors for these needs as well as a larger sponsor that would like to help us build a small waiting room so that families with small kids do not have to wait in the hall and outside in the elements waiting to be seen . 
   Out in the village we would like to continue with the construction of a playground where the kids will be safe. As part of this project, we will put a shipping container converted into a small office and large class room that can be used as a small comunity centre and classes for a half day kinderguarden type program ... documents and licences are all in place for this , and we have begun work already . 
   We are ready to begin the next stage of the Bio Diesel plant this fall.  We will build a hydroponic green house on the side of the plant so that we can capture the warm high nutrient water and the excess heat and use them to grow fresh produce for the orphanages  and institutions all winter.  
   We have over 50 students that will be needing some sort of support next fall as well... Many are working this summer so that they can return to their studies ion the fall, but many will still require some form of assistance if they are going to be able to continue. 
   Here is one more project that |I will leave you with to think about while we are traveling back to Canada ... 
I don't know how many of you remember these kids .   They are some of the many kids that are in orphanages that would like to go to summer camp again this year .     We have Identified about 50 kids that we have been asked to assist this year .  for  one month, complete with food, accommodations , transportation and activities for 50 kids will be $2000.  

So much accomplished, but so much left to do .. We are so excited about all the possibilities ...   Thank you to every one that had such a big part in all that was accomplished, and another thank you to everyone who is considering how they can help us this summer .    
  We will be back on like in a few days ... 
blessings   John, Julie , Emma and Bekah , and our entire Kyrgyzstan contingent .

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