Saturday, May 11, 2013


We had a busy day today .. lots of fun .. we also had an opportunity to meet up with some friends who also care for the kids .. People like our friend Andray .. he directs an orphanage of 40 kids in Karakul .  Last year we helped to send his kids to camp for the summer .. we were discussing doing that again this year .. they have a great deal , for all the kids for 6 weeks at camp, including transportation and food will be $2000 .. I thought I would mention it now as it takes a long time to get money through the banks and sent here , and we don`t want to miss out.. In a few days I will put up some stories and photos from camp last summer .  but if anyone would like to be part of this, we would love your help .

we had two main locations today , the underprivileged kids in Orlofka and the seniors in Kemin ...

Jeff handing out Gifts to over 200 kids today 

delivering food to the seniors home 

Waldorf and Statler 

everyone gets a gift 

three of our new buddies 

tomato paste, oil, toilet paper , 50 kg of flour , sugar , rice , kasha, and 25 kg of meat delivered to the seniors home 

giving out ice cream 

Jeff meeting our Babushka's 

meeting another one of our good friends 

lunch with some of our volunteers in Orlofka

checking out the playground built 5 years ago by the youth from Jeffs church 

another photo out of order 

one of the seniors giving Jeff a lecture ... for about 10 minutes 
After supper we decided to walk down to Beikut and bring ice cream to the kids there 

the were excited to see Jeff's kids on his phone 

while we are at it .. here is a photo from supper last night . 

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