Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Not such a dark day when the Son is shining,

Rainy days like today , they have a Russian saying for .. " черный день" which means a dark day... but when you add a little Son into the day , all you see is the light .  and that is what happened 
for 20 students today . 

We had bags of rice from when Jeff was here , and Bekah and her friends at iam1ru took a gift of plain rice , and went exceedingly and abundantly more then could have been asked or imagined.    It was fun to see how excited Bekah and Camala were to be able to help these students like this .  It is the end of a long year, and these kids need the little extra food to finish strong. 

The day started with a trip to the bank machine 

Bekah and Camala in the back of the car 

ordering packages of carrots, garlic and onions 

Candy , soup base, Calbasa , tomato past ,

Sugar and oil 

we then found a place in the bazaar under the canopy that was not being used .. 

we set up an assembly line and made packets right there in the market 

then started deliveries

our friend Vataly will hand them out to the kids in the dorm when they get home from school.

two more apartments with about 8 students between them 

some kids were harder to find then others .. Bekah has been getting names from the University as they find kids in need , so we don't know them all personally.. but we know there is a need ... imagine the excitement when a hungry student gets a call from some one they don't even know , asking them where they are so they can get a food pack .  I always say that the miracles can be found in the unexpected more then the expected .  

another student found 

one girl was in class, but sent her family out to meet us to get her families pack

700 lbs of packets delivered .. now on our way home .what a beautiful day today as the Son shines .

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