Thursday, May 02, 2013

"OH MY BABY !" " I was his Moma here."

This morning we were quite the hit at the Tokmok Baby orphanage.  We went to bring some meds, and to get the window project under way .  While we were there we also brought some pictures we took over the winter of all the kids we met up with that were from Tokmok. 

  The care givers were so excited to see update photo's .. you can really tell how much they care for the kids when you see there expressions .. "  OH MY BABY ... HE WAS MINE"  and " I WAS HIS MOMA HERE " .. this moment was so special to them.
They were all so happy to hear stories of how well the kids are doing in their new homes.  

They also shared with us that our little Almos ,  (Blair had helped through "Loads of Love / Operations can be done " to get surgery for his club feet )  He has been adopted to a local family.  We still has one more operation needed , but they are able to fund that themselves. 

care givers checking out the photo's

We gave copies of all the pictures to Dr Tatyana to put up for them all to see.

Then the business of the windows..   there are about 6 doors that are in bad shape on the building .. Originally I had not given them consideration, but we found out today that if we do them at the same time as the windows, the company will give us a great discount.  They are also willing to give them the best quality windows for only about $100 more then the cheapest .. In total , to do all the extra work completely will be another $600.    We have told them to go ahead with the windows, and we will let them know as soon as we can about the doors.  as if my list of dreams yesterday was not enough, now we can add another $600 .  

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