Friday, May 17, 2013

Last day around the valley

ordering decorations for Ann from Svetly Put 

shopping at the Bazaar this morning 

checking out the new doors at the Baby orphanage 

Happy kitchen workers at the orphanage with new windows 

completing the documents and paying the last instalment on the windows and doors 

front wall repaired and foundation fixed at Bacutre orphanage 

lessons on how to make Monty

Jeff saying good bye to Vlady

new laptop delivered to Hospital / orphanage director 

Saying good bye to the kids in the new playground 

arrived at a mountain picnic .. Jeff was showen to the hammock 

I got the bed in the orchard 

Jengish got the baby 

Our friends birthday celebration 

Kids in the orphanage sang for us 

Saying good bye to to Acel and Talant and the girls 

final good byes to Sergey and Anya's family 

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