Wednesday, May 29, 2013

home safe and sound

Emma and Bekah were excited yesterday to visit with there new nephew Eli .  We went out for supper with Benjamin and Rachel and the kids yesterday .. Jonah was not sure if he remembered them, but quickly warmed up.  It was nice for the girls to listen to all the stories from mom of everything that happened around town while they were away .  

   Our front porch is a transfer zone for all things Kyrgyzstan.  The last of the items made it over with our friend Jeff a few weeks ago. But thanks to our friends over at Crayola, the porch is full again.  cases and cases of awesome stuff.. as well as several other smaller donations that came in while we weer away.. one package in particular that we opened today has about $300 worth of blood test strips.  These are like gold for Dr Tatyana as they are almost impossible to get or afford in KG.   
   We have started sorting and packing , my guess is that we have about 8 bags .. good thing we have so many teams joining us this fall.   
    Bekah has lost a lot of weight and Emma has given most of her clothes, so after we get the bags packed we will go into the town to the second hand store and see what we can find . 
   We also have to prepare for a 6 am meeting tomorrow with the Rotary Club that has sponsored so much work at the baby hospital.  We have just a few more days left to get a grant proposal submitted to Rotary international for the next hospital project .  It is such an encouragement to have  a great group of Rotarian's so eager to help. 
   This Sunday morning  I will be sharing at the Norwood Pentecostal church in the 11 am service ..
Then next weekend is the golf tournament . If you are not registered yet, let me know and I can help with that .   

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