Tuesday, May 07, 2013

getting ready for a busy week

This week we are blessed to have our friends Beth and Victoria with us .  They are here this week working on their visa's .  They helped us to wok on the guest apartment today .  We started with a trip top the Bazaar , and 2e bought a vacuum cleaner .. after 6 years , we finally broke down and bought  one .  
Today we had the men from the window company over to sign the contracts and get the job started at the Baby orphanage.   They will begin building the windows today, and we are hoping to start installing them next week .  It was great that we were able to get the doors as well .  
  Tonight we had Vlady and Dr Tatyana here for supper.  They are such an incredible couple and we are so thankful for them .  Vlady as you know heads up all our work projects. He has just finished the wall at Dayspring, and now is starting on the playground at the children's treatment centre .  He doesn't know it yet , but after the playground, I will get him to repair the front wall of the orphanage .  His wife Dr Tatyana is an incredible Dr . she is a heart specialist, but works as a G.P. for us here .. any medical problems, she takes the leed , as well she is an incredible councilor ... and trust me , we sure keep her busy .   

Tomorrow we are putting the final touches on the plans for the next week while our friend Jeff is here from our home town.  He is coming to get a first had idea of what we do here ..   here are a few of the things we are working on in the next week

-playground repair
-out door furniture for Children's treatment centre
-dinner party with our workers, the students , at risk youth
-Samaritans purse boxes to 200 kids from one of the villages
-food drop to the seniors home
-food drop to families in need
- food drop to the dump
-party to the men's home , both Tokmok and Iskra
- new shoes for the men at the iskra mens home
- the village to the mountains , and giving them all photos from the last 6 years together
- a team retreat to the hot springs over night
-visits to Dayspring, Jeremiah house, the Desil project , the baby hospital,
-the baby orphanage to check up on the windows
- mens treatment centre
-movie and supper with the kids from Svetly put orphanage in Bishkek

actually that's just a start .. a few new projects that I will share when we have a bit more organized.

Looking forward to lots of action and getting a lot done .. stay tuned for pictures and updates .

A special thank you to every one that has donated to these projects .  making this next week possible

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