Sunday, May 19, 2013

Getting ready to go, and so much to do .

It always happens .. as we see the end of a trip in sight, with so much left to do , and the resources diminished .   I have learned in situations like this  to make the list , and then let the peace of God in....

 I can remember on my first trip to Central Asia, one of our friends who lived here told me that when things get overwhelming , just remember " If we start by doing what we can do, before you know it we will be doing what others said could not be done "  that has stuck with me over the years , and as we have trudged away at what we can , we have seen accomplished thing that others could not.  Even in the last week we have seen some amazing things accomplished . 

Last week we saw their completion of the new windows and doors at the Baby orphanage, we have fixed and repaired the walls and foundation at Bacute, and have seen the completion of the repairs and revitalization of the playground at Ivonofka  children's treatment centre  But that's just the tip of the iceberg.. other things have been accomplished at the same time .. things like 

-times of fellowship and encouragement with those working on the ground here 
-times of fellowship with many that we have worked with and supported in the past
-Samaritans purse boxes given out to over 200 kids 
-food drops to the seniors home and those living at the dump
-building community in the mountains
-new shoes for the men at the mens home 
-new ventilator for the baby hospital 
-birthday party with an intire orphanage 
-team retreat and encouragement at the hot springs 

we also had several meetings in the past week that will be great connections for the future work here in Kyrgyzstan .. people here in Kyrgyzstan making a difference, that we can come behind and support, like the local police building a homeless shelter and youth drop in centre,  a small mountain orphanage doing incredible things with the children they are supporting, along with a women's shelter for women and children,  We sat with this family to hear their heart and about the work that they are doing .. the first picture they showed us was the baby girl that they sponsor in Kenya, and showed us a photo of the  cow that they raised funds for and gave to her community when they were on a missions trip to Kenya last fall.  people that get it !

 We are now on the home stretch for this trip.  still with so much to accomplish .  a couple things that we need to get started before we go, just praying that the funds will come in .  things like the wife of my friend Joldosh who passed away last year going for surgery tomorrow , but we still do not have the money .. I have to bring $300 to the hospital in the morning .. I guess it will b an 11th hour thing... Another project we would like to get started before we go is the fence and the first swing set materials for the playground in the village .  All the documents are in place and they are ready to begin work .  The entire village is behind it and prepared to do the work and look after the children there .   our plan is to even have a small classroom / community center there as well, but for now if we can just get a start so that they can continue the excitement .

one of the kids waiting for a playground 

We have lots of other projects identified that we would like to do this fall.. Last night I lay awake , allowing myself to get a little concerned ..  things like continuing the scholarships for about 40 kids , A waiting room built for the baby hospital so that families don't have to line up in the elements, work on the playground, helping to provide more equipment for a medical clinic. building a green house to go along with the bio-desil plant, school supplies and food drops for several orphanages we work with ... and the list continues .. this does not even include basic support for our own expenses ..   It is easy to get overwhelmed, but when we stop and look what we have accomplished so far, I can see Gods hand and can know to trust him for the future ... 

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