Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Getting ready for Children's day

Yesterday afternoon I took a drive out to Orlofka with my friend Nurbek .  We were bringing money for a children's day celebration to Vera at the centre. As well we brought her photos printed out of every child receiving their Samaritans purse boxes last week .. well over 200 photos... A gift from our friends Victoria and Beth  ( the Royals )   We will be away for children's day this year, we will miss it by 3 days .   It is always a really big day here, and we enjoy being part of the celebration ,  especially with all the work done at the different orphanages .. new windows, walls and foundations repaired, the playground re built... all things that will be front and centre at the celebrations .  Whats great is that this will give more opportunity to have the great people we work with here in the foreground.   On our way back, we passed the home of a family we have been helping through Larisa for 6 years .

   A father and his small son and daughter live there .. the mother died 6 years ago, and the father is a field worker , and works so hard to look after his kids .   It takes him an hour to walk to work each day , and then works a 12 hour day before returning home . He does not drink or smoke , he lives to care for his kids.   He has friends and people like Larisa help him with the kids .  They are really good kids, always polite and clean, and the house and garden are well maintained .  Usually when I stop we only see the kids as the father is at work.  At the last minute, I quickly pulled over and went in to see them , I had a bag in the car with all the makings for Ploff, so I brought it in for them . The father was home today.. He was so glad to see us .  He took me around to his beautiful garden and asked if he could please give me some flowers .. I politely declined .. he then said "Please , for your wife"... then with great care he put together a small bouquet for her .

This is a family with so little , but yet they were able to put together such a beautiful gift,  cut and arranged with love... and hey, it can't  hurt when I arrive home with flowers ... as my friend Ron would say..."Brownie points" 

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