Saturday, May 25, 2013

Second last day before returning to Canada

What a great thing it is to see our Friends reap the rewards of so much hard work.   We are so proud of them .

New family moved into the parking spot beside mine .. 
   We have had a busy day packing and doing some last minute shopping to get the house stocked up for while we are away .   Acel and Talant and family will be moving in to our apartment tomorrow , and will be helping Baktagool and Camalla for the summer .   This is great because Acel will be able to help get them enrolled in school for the fall and the girls will be able to stay put for the summer .  Also Emma will leave her phone with Acel so that Acel can stay in touch with all he kids .

My friend Murat came with us to the mountains today for a fair well BBQ, and the best pork chops ever 
Jengish and Bekah tossing cashews  into each others mouths 

perfect shot

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