Saturday, May 04, 2013

Circus is in town

This morning we went over to meet with the director of one of the orphanages that we work with .  She is concerned about the building ,  One of the corners has some moisture problems, and if we don't do something about it now, it will be a BIG problem soon.    As soon as the wall is finished over at Dayspring, we will get Vlady top come over and see what can be done here . 

Tonight we decided to take a few kids to the Circus that is in town .. The owner met me outside and was suprised that we did not have our usual several hundred kids with us ..  I explained that we just had a few today .. and boy did they have a good time .  

I know that  for two of them, the this evening was beyound belief.. It was great to nhave Kola with us as well .. he got a chance to try a bit of translating .. His English is doing really well , I have no doubt he is going to be ready for university when the time comes ..

Camala andBaktagool where at a youth group tonight , they made these little houses .. I have a feeling that they are not going to last long ... especialy since the kettle is on now for coffee. 

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