Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To the Hot spiring

Saturday afternoon, we loaded up a bus load of kids and headed to the hot springs. First we stopped at the Bauran Tower . this is a historical site on the Silk Road.

Knowing what we do here, the director the the director came to us and shared a need. She has a friend who has three kids. One of her daughters has a whole in her heart. She had a Dr who was caring for her , but then her husband died, and now the Dr will not see them because they no longer have the finances to care for her... I told her to have her friend call Acel, and that we would see what we can do to help... Christy if you are reading this, you can expect a call from me soon..hahah.. I should take a moment to share how blessed we are to have such a great working relationship with Christy and her team.. we have been able to help them to find sponsors for many of their children's operations, and in turn, when we have Medical needs, it is Christy that we call .. thee is so much more here then simply caring for the medical needs, you do everything right down to bringing the food and the beds that they sleep on.. in fact when you go for an operation, sometimes the Dr will give you a list of everything that he might need .. from gloves and medication to scalpels, we even had one require us to bring a lamp with us so he could see better... It;s this type of thing that Christy over sees...
Any ways ... back to the adventure

It was a beautiful day up on the mountains... and the kids had a great time ...

I have rolled in enough snow, and I just stayed in the hot tub until I was cooked ... It felt so good, with all the traveling we have been doing the last month, this was well received...

This is part of the crowd we had with us.. a few had gone back to the bus already..

Before we left, I talked to the manager,.. There is a big pool there, but the pipe froze during the winter and split... but if he can get it fixed, and the pool filled, we will see about bringing 150 kids from Amirs orphanage there with us next month when our next family team arrives .

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