Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kids for Kids... fun day

This morning when we got up, there was a donation that came in from the Kids helping kids Saint Rose Birthday Challenge.. It was great timing. The girls went to the home orphanage and had a wonderful day of crafts, and fun. The also brought a couple cakes and a few bottles of pop.. what a great treat this is for the kids .
The treats were little crafts that were all different.. and complete in a package. The kids got to choose a craft, and then our girls helped them put them together. When we stopped back from visiting the invalid home and picked them up, the director shared with me how happy she was that the girls stayed.. She said that they have had other people drop off stuff like this, but never stayed, and it was left up to her to figure out how to put them together with out being able to read the English directions. She was so happy that we took the time to stay.. she said that them staying was far more important then any material gift.
Acel and Teresa helped the director get the table ready for the kids .

Then the kids were all given Vitamins that were donated to them with a card from the Lott family ..
It was a great day for the kids .. Thank you for all the support with this .

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