Saturday, March 05, 2011


The packing is well under way. The first wave of the LAMb team is wheels up , and on their way. Lynn and Ruby accompanied by Natasha will be arriving in Bishkek in about 20 hours from now.
Last night we were over to Darren and Teresa's house to help them pack.
We are so excited to have them along with us this trip. Joining them will be their girls Brianna and Michaela, and a friend of theirs Logan.

The Snarrs have been really good family friends for a long time, and have been wanting to come along for some time now. In fact Julie is the girls God mother... I think I messed out on the God father bit because I often mix up the term "helpless" and "useless" when talking about babies.. and who out their knows it is not really a good idea to tell a new mom her baby is useless...hhahaha.. But they are pretty special people and love us anyways..
I do have to tell you that Theresa is one of those people that brings a little excitement ..and unpredictability to any situation, so this trip is sure to be an interesting one... Stay tuned for an adventuresome couple weeks with the Stirling team on board...
As I am writing this, I am thinking about the PI team that is on the ground in Guatemala.. Led by a friend of ours, 33 people are impacting a nation.. On that trip are many that have been supporting and sending for a long time, but now are going.. I send my thoughts and Prayers for Dave and family as well as Cathy.. you can follow along on there trip at to follow Lynn and Ruby, go to
and don't forget the rest of the lamb team that will be on the ground with us in a couple weeks
Davis and Jayne over at

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