Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Olga is coming to America....

Olga is the in country director for Society of Cornelius. She runs a centre that provides schooling for special needs kids, and children who have not had full advantage of regular schools due to economic or other conditions. Her centre provides one on one training for children with learning disabilities, with speech issues and just about any other special need, as well, she over sees many scholarships for Children who would otherwise never reach their full potential.. Olga is an activist looking out for the betterment of the people of Tokmok. She is the most politically and socially active person I know here . With her spare time, she is the go to person when some one is in need... Apart from her regular responsibilities, Olga has been a tremendous help to us, and works hard to help monitor many of our projects for us. We first met Olga in 2005 when she worked for us as a translator... She has become a very good friend ... Today she is preparing for an exciting trip to the US. She will be attending the G.I. Legislation Fellowship program focusing on Democracy and Government. This will take place in Washington starting on the 4th, she will then be traveling to Dallas Texas April 9 to May 1, from there she will be in Clinton Illinois May 7 to the 12th . After that she will be in Templeton Ca May 12 to the 31st. finishing up her trip with June 1 to the 3rd back in Washington. The reason I tell you this is that she is one of the busiest people I know.. I even have a hard time keeping up with her.. There is no way that she will cope with being away so long with out a full schedule. She told me that she would love to meet with and share with any of our sponsors on her way. She is an incredible young Lady, and is a wealth of knowledge , not only about what we do here, but about Kyrgyzstan in General... If you or an organization you belong to would be interested in spending some time with Olga, please let me know and I will help get you connected.. Today she was packing , and had me model a Kyrgyz mens outfit that she was packing to bring ..

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Melissa said...

Wow , each time I read the updates, its so overwhelming the wonderful things being down too help the less fortunate is awesome, breaks my heart at times wishing I could help, Olga is amazing Lady, my cous has something like spinal bifida here in Canada too see him accomplish so much through his life, I know others with disablities can achieve great things, with caring people willing too help, be neat too see them try learning a sport, like sledge hockey etc.. I have a dream , sometimes I think its foolish too try to achieve it, than hitting a road block and not know where to start and than something strikes me and reminds me dreams are not to be takin for granted. Hearing these wonderful stories touches the heart so much, with everyone involved and so many caring people out there willing to go that extra mile is terrific.

John your a great model and your family are wonderful , beautiful heart warming people.

I have been reading the Lamb blogs too and the varies links . Wow just outstanding work others helping others in there community and all around.

Sunday the Stirling folks , shared pics and slide show and gave us a bit of the background of there two weeks it was realing amazing too see it in there eyes and hear it from there heart..