Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blankets arrive

Today is a holiday here, but not for Aigoola , she has been busy working on the blankets and mattresses for Dayspring.
The blankets are beautiful,
Aigoola was not the only one working today , This morning we met with Vlady. He will be heading up the renovation projects. Along with the husband of the Family that LAMb has been helping , Vlady has another young man we will hire. The boy has 2 siblings, his father died last month, and his mother has only one leg. Vlady wants to teach him some basic construction so that he can earn some money.. I will get more info about him and a few photo's next time I get out to the house.
Larisa brought her to the Bazaar to pick out wallpaper and paint. We are so blessed, we had another $500 come in for this project today. That leaves us with only about $600 to go, but certainly enough to get a good start at it. This is such a blessing to me.. I really want to do a good job for this lady. Many of you will remember that my own mother had a recent disaster with her home that was destroyed by a broken water main, neither the village or Federation insurance came through in the end, and Mom was left homeless... we were blessed that we were able to be there for her, and get her relocated.. so I understand what this Babushka might be going through right now. Like my own Mom, this Babushka will know that she is loved...

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