Friday, March 11, 2011

Baby Hospital Update

We stopped by the baby hospital today to drop off some beautiful quilts and baby sets that we had donated for them.. When Anya called to tell them we were coming, they were so thankful, and relieved.. they shared that they had run out of food, and they have a brand new baby there ... Once again, I am starting to get a little overwhelmed when I see every where that we go, we are back to the very basic of needs,.. They need Food .... It is so hard to get ahead when the cost of food has risen so high .. it is climbing faster than any amount of support.. and as a result, lives are now in danger .. Logan had brought some personal money with him, and he quickly offered it up to purchase the food necessary to last for a couple of weeks..
We did get to offer some other good news for them.. We have just received a donation to purchase new beds for them.. so we will be spending lots of time there in the next few weeks.
Logan got to meet the babies
Teresa was heartbroken when she met a new baby whose mother had abandoned and dropped at the hospital. It is heartbreaking to hold a baby with no one and wonder what life will be like for her. Teresa was then asked to name the baby ...
Her name is "HOPE" ... the Kyrgyz name is "Umut"


Melissa said...

Wow what a perfect name, very heartbreaken thats for sure, Teresa is a blessing and so many ways and its wonnderful that she got to name Hope.. Beautiful pic of mother, daughter and Дочь благословения и дочь подарков также ребенок hosptial, Главным образом также эта команда миссии и все вовлеченное, Надежда - красивая связка, принесенная в этот мир только нас от далекого, может вообразить, но видеть фильмы и историю его настолько трогательный, чтобы быть частью многих благословений, которая случается. Снова спасибо за upates ... мы любим Вас всех, и бог благословляют.

not sure if i can translate((Russian) in a comment but .. thought I try..

but heres what i wrote in english

A blessing daughter and a gifts daughter too the baby hosptial, Mostly too this mission team and all involved, Hope is a beautiful bundle brought into this world only us from a far can imagine, but to see the pics and the story its so touching to be part of the many blessings that is happening. Again thanks for the upates... we love you all and god bless.

Lisa Brotherton said...

Soo very sad. When I was there just over a year ago we met a newborn abandoned at the very same hospital. I think of him often...